Red and Blue light delivered via PHOTOTHERAPY can temporarily improve acne, breakouts and pimples. This form of acne treatment is a drug-free and natural method of suppressing acne lesions. Treatments are quick, painless and safe and can treat acne in all areas including the face, neck, chest and back. Specialists recommend this form of acne treatment as adjunctive, and should only be used in situations whereby conventional acne treatments are not indicated.

Ideal candidates for acne phototherapy treatment are pregnant or breastfeeding mums, or patients who do not wish to take creams or tablets. Treatment start from $55!

Facts on Omnilux Phototherapy, red and blue light acne treatments

  • Phototherapy uses non-laser light to target acne pimples and breakouts
  • This is a form of natural acne treatment, and uses red or blue light
  • Phototherapy target acne & pimples form bacteria and destroys them without the use of chemicals or antibiotics
  • Light can be delivered with a Blue wavelength (Omnilux Blue- Red or Crystalite Blue- Red) or a medical grade Red wavelength
  • Treatments are quick, painless and start at only $55 *10 session package
  • Phototherapy is ideally used as adjunctive treatment in acne patients
  • Ideal patients for phototherapy include pregnant women, breast feed mums and patients not wishing to take medications
  • Phototherapy should be medically supervised by Specialists as 10-30% of patients do NOT respond to this form of acne treatment
  • Recent research as shown combination red and blue light phototherapy is more effective than one wavelength alone


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