There are many treatments available for enlarged pores and reducing facial pore size. Specialists use a combination of Vitamin A creams, and Fruit acid peels to treat mild cases of open and blocked pores. Larger open pores can be treated with either laser or TCA chemical peels. 

Important facts

  • Enlarged pores are genetically predetermined
  • Larger pores can be seen on the nose and cheek area- regions with the highest concentration of oil glands
  • Mild cases of enlarged pores can be treated with retinoid creams and chemical peels
  • Large open pores can be treated with TCA chemical peels or laser
  • Skin Needling has minimal impact on open and enlarged pores
  • Acne associated with open pores can be reduced with RF or RadioFrequency treatments
  • Blackheads are commonly associated with open pores and can easily be treated with Vitamin A creams and Fruit acid peels
  • Enlarged pore can be reduced with effective Specialist treatments- the larger the skin pore the more effective the treatment


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Case 5 - Enlarged acne pores, minor acne scarring

Diagnosis: Enlarged acne pores, minor acne scarring
Treatment: This patient has enlarged pores, treatment was with full laser resurfacing. Recovery time was just over 8 days. Redness will settle over 2 months, however can be hastened with V Beam Laser. One treatment to deliver permanent reduction in pore size.

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