The debate of acne and diet is a controversial one, however this webpage will give patients the definitive view on this topic. Unlike other clinics, the Acne Specialist Clinic at Westside Dermatology embraces all forms of acne therapy. In fact we encourage patients to try the acne diet before visiting us. For more on the acne diet, download the diet guide. If the diet does not work, it maybe time to visit us for medical treatment. Avoiding your acne trigger foods can improve your acne. Trigger foods include foods with a high GI index such as sugars, sweets, biscuits and processed food. Eating a health well balanced diet can improve acne.

Facts on diet and acne

  • Eating a well balanced diet can improve acne
  • The results of an acne free diet can range from minimal improvement to a significant reduction in acne counts
  • Hormonal acne and severe forms of acne do not respond well to diet changes
  • Eating less sugars and processed foods can help reduce acne counts
  • Consuming foods with a low GI index such as non-milk based protein can help reduce acne
  • Chocolate does not cause acne, but sugars mixed with chocolate makes this a High GI food source and hence the relation to acne
  • We encourage patients to try the acne diet as a supplement to our medical approach to acne treatments


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