This 8-week prescription clear skin program was designed by Dermatologists for the treatment of mild acne and subtle scarring and for patients seeking to improve their skin texture and tone. A combination of AHA peels and low- level laser Phototherapy forms the basis of the program. The healing properties of red light phototherapy is combined with the gentle exfoliating glycolic peels. This treatment is not associated with any patient downtime.

The Clear Skin Program

  • Low level laser treatments or LED Phtototherapy with Omnilux Blue or Red light forms the basis of this program
  • Omnilux light treatment is a form of phototherapy
  • Blue light phototherapy can temporarily destroy bacteria associated with acne, Red light phototherapy can kill bacteria as well as reach the deeper scarred layers of the skin, and in some cases remodel collagen
  • AHA Chemical Peels can help improve skin texture and skin tone, and decrease acne and pimples
  • Each arm of treatment is designed to stimulate collagen with no patient downtime
  • This program is best suited for patients with very mild and early subtle acne scars
  • Patients can book directly with our specialist nurses to undertake this treatment


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