Chemical peels are used to treat various forms of acne.  Most commonly alpha or beta-hydroxy acids are used. Chemical peels for acne work best in combination with topical treatments, tablets and a skin care regime to optimise the improvement of acne. 

Our team at the Acne Specialist Clinics can tailor a chemical peel program based upon your acne and skin type to help improve your complexion and texture.

Acne assessments and an acne chemical peel starts at $98! No referrals are needed to enter the Acne Solutions Clinic.

Facts on chemical peels for acne

  • Alpha-hydroxy acids (eg. glycolic acid), beta-hydroxy acids (eg. salicylic acid) and retinoid (eg. tretinoin) peels are most commonly used in the setting of acne.
  • Treatments are fairly light (superficial) with essentially no downtime.
  • Chemical peels for acne can improve acne, skin tone and texture
  • Beta Hydroxy acid peels are ideal for blackheads, whilst AHA peels are better suited for acne associated with mild scarring
  • Treatments start from just $98
  • You do not need a referral to enter our Acne Chemical Peel program – Just book an appointment with our Specialist Nurses in the Acne Solutions Clinic.

Have your acne assessment and chemical peel for only $98!

More on the Acne Solutions Clinic

*Assessment and peel conducted by Specialist Nurse, no referrals are necessary.


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AHA Chemical Peels