Bacne or back acne is a form of acne affecting the trunk. It is most frequently seen in teenagers, however if left untreated, it can persist well into adult life. This form of acne is commonly associated with facial acne. Bacne occurs in areas with the highest concentrations of oil glands. Bacne is a common condition in Brisbane due to heat and humidity. Effective treatments are readily available.

Facts on back acne

  • Bacne is also known as back acne
  • Acne lesions can also occur on the chest, shoulders, neck and face
  • This form of acne is most common in teenagers
  • Left untreated, it may persist into mid-adult life
  • Mild cases of bacne will respond to washes and solutions
  • Severe cases of bacne will respond to tablets
  • Early treatment of back and trunkal acne can reduce scarring
  • Bacne scarring can be treated with corticosteroid injections
  • Back acne scars respond poorly to laser treatments


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