Acne is not just a teenage problem and may present in the late 20s through to the early 40s. This form of acne is more common in women, and maybe related to hormonal changes. Adult acne usually presents along the jawline and chin area. In severe cases acne lesions can be seen on the shoulders and trunk. Acne can range from a few pimples through to cysts and scars. Stress can be a contributing factor.

Facts on adult acne

  • This form of acne is very common and affects up to 15% of the population
  • Hormones and stress contributes to adult forms of acne
  • A simple skin care regime forms the basis of acne treatments
  • Controlling hormonal influx and oil production can improve or cure hormonal related acne
  • Stopping the oral contraceptive pill can worsen or cause adult acne


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