The Acne Specialist Clinic at Westside Laser Dermatology treats all forms of acne vugaris, including adult acne, acne in children, hormonal acne, cystic and severe acne, backne, oily skin, blackheads and open pores. The most successful method of treating acne is to tailor treatments based upon what type of acne you have. The Clinic uses a variety of effective acne treatments including creams, tablets, chemical peels, phototherapy, and RadioFrequency to treat and cure all forms of acne. Our treatments have a 99% success rate.

Apart for treating acne, we will give you advise on how to minimise scarring, and if required treat acne scars. All treatments are conducted at a Specialist level.

Important facts on acne treatments

  • Acne treatments should be directed to the cause of acne
  • Early and effective acne treatment can reduce scarring
  • Acne and acne scars can be treated together using RadioFrequency
  • The best acne programs are tailored according to each patient
  • Using a simple, gentle and cost effective skin care regime forms the basis of acne treatment
  • Acne assessment and treatment through our Acne Solutions Clinic starts at $98- this includes a chemical peel and assessment by our Specialist Nurses


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