The Acne Solutions Clinic is a specialist nurse led clinic that will provide you with expert advice in regards to skin care, make up, acne treatments and scar revision. As part of this service you will receive a free customised chemical peel which is great for hormonal acne. This is an excellent acne solution for patients who would like to take the very first steps for clearer, cleaner acne free skin without the wait times to see a Specialist Dermatologist.

Important Facts on the Acne Solutions Clinic

  • This clinic provides Specialist acne solutions by expert dermatology nurses
  • You will be given advice in regards to product use, make up and skin care
  • A complimentary and customised chemical peel will be conducted at the end of this assessment
  • The type of chemical peel you will receive will be dependent on your acne type and skin type
  • Our Specialists use either an alpha hydroxy acid peel, or a beta hydroxy acid peel. Concentrations are customised according to your skin type and skin sensitivites
  • $98 gets you assessed, advised, and treated with a chemical peel for your acne
  • The Acne Solutions Clinic also deals with mild cases of acne scarring like scarring caused by hormonal acne.
  • Scar treatments provided include Dermapen Fractional Skin Needling and Ematrix RadioFrequency Treatments


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