The Acne Free RF program is the newest acne and acne scar management program developed by Dr Davin Lim, Consultant Laser Specialist. Dr Lim has presented this method of acne and acne scar treatment in several International meetings. The current way of acne management is to treat acne, then worry about scars later, whilst the Acne Free RF Program challenges this concept. This program places equal emphasis on the treatment of acne, as well as treating and preventing scars with new RadioFrequency (RF) technology.

Facts on treating acne and acne scarring simultaneously: The Acne Free RF program

  • This program treats both acne and acne scarring simultaneously
  • We combine various acne treatments with non-ablative collagen (scar remodelling)
  • Radiofrequency (RF) treatment is the latest technology in the treatment of acne scars
  • RF is not laser, it uses radiowaves to break down scar tissue
  • In some cases we combine low dose isotretinoin (Vitamin A/ Oratane/ Roaccutane) with RF
  • Low dosing of Roaccutane combined with low energy RF is best for scarring active acne
  • Treatments are painless, and patients will see an improvement within weeks
  • This program works!


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Case 14 - Severe scarring cystic acne

Diagnosis: Severe scarring cystic acne
Treatment: Acne Free RF Program – acne treatment with low dose Isotretinoin combined with 4 RadioFrequency treatments. Illustrates the value of early scar treatment

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Case 18 - Cystic scarring acne - extreme

Diagnosis: Severe cystic acne involving the face, shoulders and chest. Hormone investigations normal.
Treatment: Low dose isotretinoin combined with anti-inflammatory with RF. Residual acne scars will be improved with CO2 Fractional lasers.

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Case 4 - Severe adult acne

Diagnosis: Severe adult acne
Treatment: Anti-inflammatories + Ematrix Radiofrequency treatments. Marked improvement in both acne and scarring after 4 treatments.

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Case 8 - Scarring acne, male, cheeks

Diagnosis: Scarring acne, male, cheeks
Treatment: Low dose isotretinoin + Radiofrequency treatments. 3 months into treatment with 2 treatments of low fluence RadioFrequency. Marked improvement in scars and acne.

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Case 9 - Scarring acne, temples and cheeks

Diagnosis: Scarring acne, temples and cheeks
Treatment: Low dose isotretinoin + Radiofrequency treatments. 6 months into treatment with 4 treatments of low fluence RadioFrequency. Significant improvement in both acne and scarring.

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