TCA Cross is an excellent and safe method for treating deep ice pick scars. I also use this method to raise up deeper box car scars prior to laser resurfacing. The original papers of TCA Cross used 100% TCA in Asian skin types, however this method of scar revision was not indicated in darker skin types. Using a lower concentration of TCA I have treated several African and Indian skin types with remarkable success.

The indication is still for deeper ICE PICK scars, treatments are a little trickier as the placement of TCA Cross has to be exact. Additionally, another one or possibly two more treatments will be needed to achieve the end result. This is because we use a lower concentration of TCA. I also combine this method with a bleaching cream, and of course strict sun protection. Post treatment darkening of the skin is expected in ALL patients, and may last for several months. Never the less, a custom TCA Cross procedure can be an excellent method of scar revision in once difficult to treat darker skin types.

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Dr Davin S. Lim
Brisbane Specialist Acne Clinic
Westside Laser Dermatology