Westside Laser Dermatology has the PICOSURE FOCUS. This fractional laser remodels acne scars with three unique advantages over other forms of fractional resurfacing.

Firstly Picosure has no downtime. Unlike fractional resurfacing with CO2, Erbium (Pro Fractional), eMatrix, ePrime and Fraxel laser, Picosure FOCUS concentrates the energy in upper layers of skin or the epidermis. This laser energy forms LIOBs or laser induced optical bodies. LIOBs are thought to play a role in collagen repair. This means superficial injury results in a healing cascade that in turn treats acne scars thru a process called dermal remodelling. Since the laser energy of Picosure Focus is concentrated in the upper layers of skin, recovery is super quick. Expect redness following laser treatment to subside within 12 hours. This truly represents a ‘no downtime procedure.’

Secondly Picosure Focus can treat all skin types with exceeding safety. This means acne scarring in darker Ethnic skin types can be treated with no incidence of post laser darkening.

Thirdly Picosure Focus can be performed without local anaesthetic. The very quick energy delivery of this laser (over 10,000 times quicker than conventional lasers) makes this a comfortable procedure for most patients. This means that numbing gel is not needed for the majority of patients.

As with all fractional lasers, multiple treatments are needed for best results. We advise 3-4 treatments, 3-4 weeks apart for best results.

Finally, only certain acne scar types are treatable with Picosure Focus- these include atrophic and rolling scars. These scar types are characterised by loss of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. Box-car acne scars and ice pick scars should be treated with other forms of scar revision including TCA CROSS and fully ablative laser resurfacing. This treatment is best for scars that occur in darker or ethic skin type, as the laser targets pigment within the scars.

Focus Picosure prices start from $590 per treatment.


Dr Davin Lim

Laser and aesthetic dermatologist

Brisbane, Australia.