Dr Davin Lim heads the study for ePrime on acne scars. ePrime is a revolutionary way of  acne scar revision and the stimulation of collagen. It combines microneedling WITH radiofrequency in the ONE sitting. Unlike laser treatment, RF Needling delivers maximal collagen stimulation whilst sparring of the upper layers of skin.

How does ePrime treat acne scars?

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Microneedling, a form of skin rolling (AKA Dermapen) penetrates into the deeper dermal layers of the skin - where scars lie. The system then delivers bi-polar RF energy, this is a controlled delivery of fractional remodelling of scars and collagen. Unlike laser treatments, ePrime is gentle on the upper layers of skin, and concentrates the energy in the deeper dermal layers - where scars lie.

What types of acne scars respond best to ePrime RF treatments?

Atrophic scars, rolling acne scars and scars in older patients with skin laxity are ideal candidates for ePrime treatment.

How long is the down time following ePrime treatment?

2-3 days! ePrime delivers the shortest downtime for the greatest stimulation of collagen. The minimal downtime is due to the fact that ePrime concentrates the energy into the deep layers of the skin, sparring the upper layers. Expect bruising, and swelling for 48 hours post treatment.

What skin types can be treated with ePrime RF?

All skin types with acne scars are candidates for ePrime skin remodelling. This treatment is suitable for acne scars in darker skin types, as it spares the upper epidermal layers.

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