March  2016: Brisbane, Australia

Dr Davin S. Lim is one of 100 doctors worldwide to receive the prestigious RealSelf 100 Award.  There are nearly 13,000 board certified specialists with a presence on RealSelf—which is the leading online community helping people make confident choices in elective cosmetic procedures.

In a time when 1 in 4 Australian adults share their health experiences on social media channels, the medical professionals that made the 2015 RealSelf 100 are recognized both for having an outstanding record of consumer feedback and for providing credible, valuable insights in response to consumer questions about elective cosmetic treatments, plastic surgery, dentistry and more.

Dr. Davin Lim operates out of Westside Dermatology. His specialties include laser and aesthetic dermatology, treating birthmarks and scar revision procedures, and he has been a aesthetic dermatologist for more than 10 years.

The award was mostly due to Dr Lim’s pioneering work in acne scar revision techniques. In 2011 he started work on the Acne Free RF program – a program that treats scars and active acne at the same time. This paper won several awards and has been featured in International lectures and media print over the  years. To this day he is still researching new method for the treatment of acne scars.

“The doctors receiving this award were among the top 1% of our 13,000-member doctor community in 2015,” said Tom Seery, RealSelf founder and CEO. “When I started RealSelf, many doctors questioned why they should ‘give away’ their expertise ‘for free’ on the web. Now, eight years later — and with over one million doctor answers on our platform — we are proud of the standard this select group has set. They’re leading the way by empowering millions of consumers to gain access to the information they need to make smart and confident health and beauty decisions.”

Dr Davin Lim is an expert contributor to RealSelf, and to date has posted over 1900 answers to questions on RealSelf. Each month people from all over world ask important aesthetic-related questions, such as acne scar revision, skin rejuvenation with fillers and laser and birthmark treatments. Dr Lim also maintains a patient star rating of 5 out of 5 stars in RealSelf reviews.

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