INFINI is best suited for atrophic and rolling acne scars as well as pore size reduction. Results following INFINI RF are better than Fraxel laser, with a quicker recovery time.

INFINI is best suited for atrophic and rolling acne scars as well as pore size reduction.

FACTS ON INFINI: Breakthrough technology for acne scars

  • Unlike other skin needling systems this microneedling device has insulated needles that can be adjusted to delivery scar breaking energy
  • Depth of delivery can be tailored according to the level of the scars
  • Atrophic and tethered scars may require up to 3.5 mm depth of penetration, whilst reduction of pore size can be achieved with only 1.25 mm
  • RF or radiofrequency is not laser, and hence will not affect the upper layers of skin
  • RF energy is concentrated deep in the dermal layer of skin- where scars lie
  • Downtime following RF is only 2-4 days, far quicker recovery than Fraxel or fractional lasers
  • It is the insulation of microneedles that gives INFINI the point of difference
  • Acne scars in all skin colours can be treated with insulated INFINI RF


INFIINI represent the culmination of many years of development in the development of RF or radiofrequency. RF uses controlled heating through electrodes.  This delivers energy to the deeper layers of the skin- sparing the upper layers. This translates to better acne scar remodeling than laser itself.

The marked difference between Infini and other RF microneedling is the insulation of needles. This targets scars that lie deep in the skin. Dr Davin Lim.

Not all acne scars are suitable for INFINI RF microneedling. Atrophic and tethered scars do best with INFINI RF.

Ice pick scars do best with surgical punch excision or TCA CROSS. Box scar scars do best with laser resurfacing, and markedly atrophic scars are best treated with dermal fillers.

INFINI treats acne scars through a process called MFR or micro needling fractional radiofrequency. This system uses fine needles to puncture the skin and deliver heat to beak down scars that lie deep under your skin. Remember, acne scars lie UNDER your skin, and the aim of treatment is to spare the upper layers of skin (epidermis) and target collagen 1-3.4 mm under the surface.

Fractional (and fully ablative lasers) all work by firstly treating the upper layers before delivering heat to the acne scars. This results in prolonged healing times and redness following laser therapy. INFINI microneedling does not treat the upper layers, and concentrates the energy where acne scars lie.

Remember, not all acne scars are suitable for INFINI RF treatment, and some scars such as box-car scars respond best to fully ablative lasers. INFINI RF is best for atrophic, mixed and rolling acne scars.

2-4 days, depending on treatment levels. Healing times following INFINI are much quicker than with laser therapy as the upper epidermal layers are spared.

Following RF Microneedling with INFINI expect-

First 24 hours- swelling
Next 24-48 hours- swelling decreases
Next 48-72 hours – skin returns back to normal.

If treatment density is high, your Specialist will inform you of the expected healing times- namely up to 4 days. This is especially prevalent if layered passes are performed. Eg. Scars and pores are treated at the same time.

Yes. Unlike laser, INFINI spares the upper layers of skin and treats the lower dermal layers. This means sides effects such as skin colour changes are exceeding rare following INFINI RF.

There is a level of discomfort during INFINI treatment, depending on the settings and passes.

We minimize discomfort by-

  • The use of 23/7 Lidocaine cream
  • The use of nerve blocks
  • The use of ‘Laughing Gas’
  • Sedation if extensive areas of acne scars are treated

Overall this is a well-tolerated procedure as we ensure patient comfort levels.

The very first step is to see if INFINI is the correct treatment for you. Assessing your acne scars is the very first step in scar management. Remember, not all scars are suited to INFINI RF

As with all fractional devices, you will require between 2-4 sessions for optimal outcomes. You will notice an improvement with just one treatment.

As a guide- atrophic and rolling acne scars 3-4 sessions.

Reduction in pore sizing 2 treatments.



4 sessions of INFINI, each session spaced 4-6 weeks apart

3 sessions of INFINI RF

Standard area - $1590-1790 (acne scars)
INFINI PRP- From $2500

Does Medicare cover INFINI microneedling radiofrequency?

NO. RF or RadioFrequency is not covered under Medicare or Private Health Insurance.

An alternative to INFINI is fully ablative laser resurfacing. This procedure is partially covered under Medicare.

INFINI from Lutronic represents the pinnacle of RF treatments. Skin needling first started off with DermaRollers nearly two decades ago, followed by stamping procedures such as the Dermapen. This was followed by radiofrequency with non-invasive devices such as sublative eMatrix- excellent for mild atrophic scars and early acne scars. Invasive microneedling was subsequently invented, however it is the insulation of the needles and sequential delivery system of INFINI that makes this a game changer.

This device spares the upper layers of skin, and delivers its energy deep into the dermal layers. The adjustability of needles from 0.25 to 3.5mm makes this an extremely versatile device to treat enlarged pores, atrophic scars and tethered scars. This device is colour blind- hence it can be used on acne scars in patients of all ethnicities. This is one of my favourite devices for acne scars, and has, in my practice replaced Fraxel lasers- INFINI is far more effective. Hands down!

By Dr Davin S. Lim

Laser, Surgical and Aesthetic Dermatologist