Fraxel Laser breaks the bonds of scars and allows collagen to naturally heal, improving skin texture and acne scars.

Westside Laser Dermatology is Brisbane’s only Specialist Fraxel laser clinic. The addition of the Dual Fraxel laser to our Acne Specialist Clinic enables us to treat acne scars at various depths and skin types with excellent clinical outcomes.

Fraxel skin laser resurfacing is the pioneer of ‘ fractional photothermolysis’, the latest technology in which hundreds of laser columns are placed into the deeper layers of the skin- where acne scars lie.

Fraxel Laser breaks the bonds of scars and allows collagen to naturally heal, improving skin texture and acne scars.

The number of Fraxel treatments will depend on your skin type and scar type. Most patients require between 3-5 sessions.


  • Fraxel is one of the World’s leading Fractional laser devices
  • For acne scarring our Specialist use the Fraxel 1550
  • Fraxel 1550 produces microscopic laser columns that penetrate into the scars
  • Laser breaks down scars, causing collagen to remodel and scars to fade
  • Fraxel laser is very well tolerated as numbing cream is used before all treatments
  • Most patients will require 3-5 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart
  • Each treatment takes 25-30 minutes to perform
  • Downtime following Fraxel for acne scars ranges between 3-8 days
  • Fraxel forms an integral part of our Synergy Approach for acne scar revision

Box Car Scars

Mixed Acne Scars

Rolling & Depressed Acne Scars

Fraxel lasers, like other fractional lasers produces tiny columns of laser energy that penetrate the skin. Depending on the type of skin you have (skin colour), the depth of scars, and type of acne scarring, your Specialist will determine the depth and density of treatment.

Laser energy is concentrated in the deeper dermal layers of the skin, and this breaks down acne scars. The skin responds to this breakdown of old collagen, and stimulates new collagen. This is the basis behind acne scar revision.

Skin one day after Fraxel treatment (Medium setting)

As with all acne scar treatments, you would have had a through assessment and mapping prior to your Fraxel laser treatment. All lasers, including Fractional Fraxel Resurfacing is conducted in our laser suites.

  • Your skin is thoroughly cleansed and disinfected
  • Our laser staff will perform a check list (this only takes a minute or two)
  • A special numbing cream will be placed on to your skin for one hour
  • If other procedures such as CO2 or deeper laser treatments are performed we use light sedation
  • The Fraxel treatment takes 20 to 25 minutes to perform

Fraxel is one of the least painful fractional laser treatments we perform. In fact the discomfort is mild, and most patients describe heat rather than pain.

For anxious patients we offer some mild sedation during the procedure. NOTE, if sedation is used, you will not be able to drive back following the Fraxel procedure.

Pain is not a factor for FRAXEL in 95% of patients!

Skin 72 hours after medium Fraxel laser

For the first 2-4 days following Fraxel you will experience redness, swelling followed by peeling of the skin. Most patients stay home for at least two days following Fraxel. You will be required to wear a special healing balm for 4-6 days after this procedure. After you stop peeling you can wear make up and resume your daily activities.

If you do your research on the internet, you will see that most Fraxel Clinics recommend at least 4 Fraxel treatments, to aim for 70+% improvement in acne scars. True statement if Fraxel is used as a stand-alone treatment. The real truth is that we recommend between 1-5 treatments.

One to two treatments of Fraxel if -

  • Your scars are shallow, eg, box scars, or mild atrophic scars
  • We combine CO2 or Erbium laser
  • If you have fair skin types

More than three treatments of Fraxel if -

  • Your downtime is limited to only 3 days or less
  • If you have darker skin types
  • If you have severe acne scars
  • If you only choose Fraxel as a stand alone treatment

Bottom line - then number of  Fraxel treatments needed will depend on your skin type, scar type and downtime.

Yes. Fraxel treatment is excellent treatment for acne scarring in all skin types, including darker skin scar patients. Asians, Latino, Greek and Middle Eastern patients can be treated with an excellent safety profile. Generally, the darker the skin type, our Specialist may modify your treatment to ensure greater safety.

Fraxel in darker skin patients will -

  • Require an additional 2 -3 treatments to achieve similar outcomes as lighter skin patients
  • Need to be ultra protective to help reduce the incidence of skin darkening after the Fraxel Procedure. This includes the use of a high factor SPF daily for at least 2 weeks prior to, and 4 weeks after Fraxel
  • Possible take a few weeks longer to recover, especially in very dark individuals. This is call dyspigmentation and is temporary

Excellent in the right hands!

Over and over again we stress that acne scar management should be done at a specialist level, and tailored according to the patients skin type, acne scar type and downtime. Most patients who have acne scars will have a variety of scars including deep ice pick, rolling, box car and atrophic scars. Fraxel in theory will improve all forms of acne scarring, however our Specialist will guide you as to the best treatment for YOUR scar type.

Most patients start to see improvements in their scars over a period of 1-3 months.

The Synergy Method of acne scar revision takes the process of acne scar revision above and beyond any other methods- it is a combination of scar treatments based upon your acne scar type, and skin type. We combine the very best methods, whether it be TCA Cross, Full laser ablation, CO2, Erbium, Fractional lasers, RadioFrequency or subscision / surgical methods to achieve the end goal. This program was developed by Dr Davin Lim, Laser Dermatologist, and has been fine tuned over many years.

Unlike the majority of clinics who claim to provide treatments for acne scars, we provide effective solutions for your scarring. Our Specialist training coupled with the very latest in technology ensures that you will get the best possible results, provided by a highly skilled team of laser dermatologists and nurses. Our clinic is staffed with doctors who under go an additional specialist degree in Dermatology training, in addition to further training in lasers and scar revision techniques.

Our laser equipment is updated every 3 months to ensure that patients have access to the very latest in technology.

Fraxel is a stand out laser and is FDA (US) approved for the treatment of acne scars, however it is almost impossible to compare all our lasers at the same level. Why is this so? Well, because every patient with acne scars is unique. Scar types, depths and extent will differ for all acne scar patients, as well as their skin type (colour) and downtime. Importantly, cost can be a factor as well.  As a guide our Specialist Davin Lim rates this machine as "an excellent all round laser for the treatment of multiple types of acne scars in all skin types"

CO2 CORE Fractional using higher energy settings can be more effective in deeper scars, but the trade off is longer healing times and it should be used in caution on darker skin types. Fraxel in this case is safer.

Profractional Fractional Sciton laser can be effective in mid level scarring, but it is far safer than CORE CO2 in treating darker skin types. The recovery is shorter than with CO2.

Fractional RF or EMatrix-E2 is not a laser, but also acts as a fractional device to help break down acne scars without the down time associated with lasers. In our experience this can be a very effective method of scar revision in patients who have active acne and scar. We call this the Acne Free RF Program.

Fraxel treatment for acne scarring is one of the safest procedures and side effects hardly ever occur. Normal side effects include swelling, redness and peeling of the skin. This last between 3-8 days depending on the depth of treatment.

Unwanted side effects that occur in less than 2% of cases include skin infection and skin pigmentation changes. Following your specialists instructions and turning up to follow up visits will lessen the chances of side effects following Fraxel laser.

Most often I use Fraxel as part of the Synergy Method of acne scar revision.

Suitable acne scars that can be mended with Fraxel include rolling scars, pitted and atrophic scars, as well box car scarring. The great point of the Fraxel laser is that it can be used in patients with darker skin types.

Remember, the best result you will receive is if scars are individually treated with different methods, Fraxel is one of the best known. Fraxel is one of the best treatments for patients who exhibit acne scars AND pigmentation, as laser also rejuvenates surrounding skin.

Costing will vary depending on the complexity of scar revision. This will depend on the number of projected sessions. As a guide -

Fraxel Laser Costing per laser treatment Projected number of treatments Ideal scar type Downtime
Small areas $800 4 Varied 3-8 days
Large areas $990 4 Varied 3-8 days
As part of Synergy Program for acne scars No charge. Refer to Synergy Program charges 2-3, in addition to other scar procedures Varied 3-4 days

Westside Laser Dermatology has payment plans for laser procedures.

Call us on 07 3871 3437 for more information.

To date we are the only Specialist Fraxel clinic in Brisbane. Our Acne Specialist Clinic are comprised of laser trained specialist dermtologists and nurses. Fraxel practitioners at Westside Laser Dermatology include Dr Davin Lim, Dr Shobhan Manoharan, Dr Brad Jones, and Dr Scott Weber. All Fraxel Specialist have a basic Medical Degree, however under go an additional 4 years training in skin. They then undergo further formal training in lasers.

Training, expertise and state of the art equipment sets us apart. For an unbiased opinion, ask your GP who they would recommend for management of acne and acne scarring.

Dr Davin S. Lim
Consultant Laser Specialist
Acne Specialist Clinic,  Westside Laser Dermatology

Our Fraxel Dual system (combined Fraxel Re:store + Fraxel micropeel) adds another World class laser to our list of lasers to treat acne scarring. Fraxel has a well known reputation for producing excellent fractional lasers that can target different depths of the skin. The DUAL FRAXEL system enables Specialists to target pigmentation, wrinkling, uneven skin tone and texture, and in the context of dermal or collagen remodelling- acne scars. Treatments with Fraxel are safe, well tolerated, and can be used in all skin types. I can control the density of ‘fractional’ coverage, and hence aggressiveness of this treatment. Fraxel forms an integral part of our Synergy Program for acne scar revision.