A combination of AHA peels and low- level laser Phototherapy forms the basis of the program.

This 8-week prescription clear skin program was designed by Dermatologists for the treatment of mild acne and subtle scarring and for patients seeking to improve their skin texture and tone.

A combination of AHA peels and low- level laser Phototherapy forms the basis of the program. The healing properties of red light phototherapy is combined with the gentle exfoliating glycolic peels.

This treatment is not associated with any patient downtime.

Facts on the Clear Skin Program:

  • Low level laser treatments or LED Phtototherapy with Omnilux Blue or Red light forms the basis of this program
  • Omnilux light treatment is a form of phototherapy
  • Blue light phototherapy can temporarily destroy bacteria associated with acne, Red light phototherapy can kill bacteria as well as reach the deeper scarred layers of the skin, and in some cases remodel collagen
  • AHA Chemical Peels can help improve skin texture and skin tone, and decrease acne and pimples
  • Each arm of treatment is designed to stimulate collagen with no patient downtime
  • This program is best suited for patients with very mild and early subtle acne scars
  • Patients can book directly with our specialist nurses to undertake this treatment


The aim of the program is to assist the skin’s natural healing processes to remodel scars and recover from acne. It also improves the skin’s texture, improving luminosity and tone. The clear skin program was developed by Dermatologists using a combination of 2 key repair mechanisms scientifically proven to stimulate collagen and remodel scars with no downtime.

  1. Alpha Hydroxy Acids can aid in skin repair, and the removal dead skin cells
  2. High intensity phototherapy light such as Omnilux Blue or Aktalite Red can penetrate to the middle layers of the skin to stimulate collagen remodeling.

AHA peels combined with red light phototherapy and vitamin A creams. Dr Davin Lim

AHA chemical peels combined with redlight phototherapy and vitamin A creams. 10 weeks

This program can be incorporated into your acne treatment regime at anytime. The program combines two scientifically proven treatments in the one sitting-

Step 1.  Acne light phototherapy

We incorporate a scientifically proven Low Emission Laser treatment known as LED or acne light phtototherapy. Red light is delivered by a Class 3 Laser source over 8 minutes to the treated areas. Unlike laser light, Low Emission Laser Light, also known as Phototherapy does not generate heat, and is painless.  Treatments are delivered every two weeks for a total of four treatments. We also have the option of delivering BLUE light with Omnilux Phototherapy or thru the Blue light filter of BBL, depending on the activity of acne.

Step 2. Glycolic acid or AHA peels are performed directly after phototherapy

Chemical peels improve skin texture, and assists in the shedding of the upper layers of skin. At higher concentrations AHA chemical peels also stimulate dermal collagen- improving acne scars.  Chemical peels take 10 minutes to perform with no patient down time.

Almost everyone will have improvement on this program. Patients will notice cleaner and clear skin by the third to fourth week. Mild scarring will lessen by the end of the program and still continue to improve for another 8 weeks. As a guide we only advise patients with mild acne scars to enroll in this program- more severe scarring will require other treatments for improvement.

For patients who have mild to moderate scarring, a better program is RF or RadioFrequency treatment for acne scars.

This program is designed for very early and subtle acne scarring in patients who want no down time. The Clear Skin Program is our entry-level scar revision package, however it is only suitable for mild acne scars. The advantage of the Clear Skin Program is that there is no downtime.

Over the past 6 months, we have incorporated a new non-laser based treatment called Fractional RadioFrequency. This treatment is far more effective than light based treatments such as Omnilux Phototherapy and AHA chemical peels. RadioFrequency can be associated with a downtime of 1-2 days, however the results are more promising, especially in early moderate scaring.

This treatment is NOT associated with any patient downtime. Chemical peels are conducted in conjunction with acne phototherapy treatments in the same session. Each session takes 30 minutes to perform. After each session your face will be slightly red, but this treatment is not associated with any peeling, or prolonged redness. Make up can be worn straight away!

No. Patients will need to wait a minimum of 8 weeks prior to entering the program. This ensures adequate skin healing when the AHA chemical peel concentrations increase. A safer and more effective way to remodel acne scars is RF - RadioFrequency treatment.

The cost of this program is $690 - this includes 4 AHA glycolic peels and 4 medically prescribed phototherapy acne light treatments. This course is designed to be completed in 8 weeks.

**Current Special of $590 for the Clear Skin Program

Medicare does NOT cover this treatment as it is cosmetic in nature.

No referrals are needed to enter the Clear Skin Program.

For more information on the Clear Skin Program, speak to Emily or Kristy our Specialist Acne Solutions Clinic Nurses or call reception on 3871 34 37 to book straight in!

Dr Davin Lim
Cosmetic and Laser Dermatologist
Acne Specialist Clinic

We developed this program based upon scientifically proven principals of improving skin texture, luminosity, and mild scarring. Each arm of the treatment is designed for maximal stimulation of collagen without the downtime of laser procedures. It is ideal for patients who have recently completed their acne treatments who exhibit very mild acne scars. Combining the healing properties of red light phototherapy and chemical peels in the one session provides convenience and a method of scar remodeling with not downtime.

The Clear Skin Program is designed as an entry level and affordable method of scar revision and is ideal for very mild scarring. RF or Fractional RadioFrequency treatment is the next level up- this is ideal for remodeling mild to moderate acne scars. This treatment, like the Clear Skin Program is associated with minimal downtime.