Case 16- Combined lasers for treating acne scarring in Ethnic skin

Diagnosis: Rolling and anchored scars, mixed scars in Ethnic skin.
Treatment: Combined Laser resurfacing by Dr Davin Lim and Emily Hyde RN. Skin colour changes following deep resurfacing in Ethnic skin are commonly seen. These changes resolve over the months. Rolling acne scars such as these are the hardest to treat. Ideally I would like to complete treatments with dermal filling.

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Case 15- Red Scar Treatments

Diagnosis: 24 year old with inflammatory scarring
Treatment: Treated with a combination of pulsed-dye laser to reduce redness and fractionated CO2 to improve the depth of scarring. No downtime with the pulsed-dye laser treatments, 5 day recovery with the CO2 laser.

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Case 13 - Dermal Fillers transforms atrophic scars

Diagnosis: Atrophic and Rolling scars, as well as enlarged pores. Type 3 - Asian skin type.
Treatment: TCA Cross followed by one laser resurfacing procedure, RadioFrequency treatment then JUVADERM filler to cheeks. Total costing $5900. Medicare claim of $840 applies.

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Case 11 - Rolling and atrophic scars on the temples

Diagnosis: Rolling and atrophic scars on the temples, dark skin acne scars
Treatment: Skin Needling. This procedure is outdated, fractional erbium and CO2 lasers provide much better results than skin needling. Laser treatments are safer, with fewer treatments needed. Skin needling is NOT FRACTIONAL RESURFACING.

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