The most successful method of treating acne is to tailor treatments based upon what type of acne you have.

The Acne Specialist Clinic at Westside Laser Dermatology treats all forms of acne vugaris, including adult acne, acne in children, hormonal acne, cystic and severe acne, backne, oily skin, blackheads and open pores.
The most successful method of treating acne is to tailor treatments based upon what type of acne you have.
The Clinic uses a variety of effective acne treatments including creams, tablets, chemical peels, phototherapy, and RadioFrequency to treat and cure all forms of acne. Our treatments have a 99% success rate.
Apart for treating acne, we will give you advise on how to minimise scarring, and if required treat acne scars. All treatments are conducted at a Specialist level.

Important facts on acne treatments:

  • Acne treatments should be directed to the cause of acne
  • Early and effective acne treatment can reduce scarring
  • Acne and acne scars can be treated together using RadioFrequency
  • The best acne programs are tailored according to each patient
  • Using a simple, gentle and cost effective skin care regime forms the basis of acne treatment
  • Acne assessment and treatment through our Acne Solutions Clinic starts at $98- this includes a chemical peel and assessment by our Specialist Nurses


Most cases of acne are multi-factorial, namely several factors contribute to this condition. Treatments should be directed at addressing the causative factors for each patient. A careful assessment as to what type of acne you exhibit can direct effective treatments.

Factors playing a role in acne include -

  • Genetics - in many patients there is a family history of acne
  • Hormonal, including puberty as well as changes in hormones during the menstrual cycle in women
  • Heat, sweating and friction
  • Using the wrong products can aggravate the skin and worsen acne
  • Picking due to stress and habit acne lesions can make this condition worse

The best treatment is a tailored program, depending on the severity of your acne, your medical history, your skin sensitivities of creams and most importantly your opinion or preference. Our Specialists will guide you as to the best treatment for you.

Depending on the above factors will recommend one, or a combination of the following -

  • Chemical peels for acne
  • Creams for acne
  • Hormonal Treatments for acne
  • Tablets for acne
  • Roaccutane for acne
  • Clear Skin Program for acne
  • The Acne Free RF Program
  • Acne treatment with Omnilux

The most important point in preventing acne scarring is to undertake an effective acne treatment program EARLY! Preventing outbreaks of acne will reduce acne scarring!

If you exhibit active acne and scarring, fractional RadioFrequency treatment maybe a suitable treatment. The Acne Free RF Program combines effective acne treatments, along with methods to remodel dermal collagen and break down early acne scars. Treatments are effective, affordable, with minimal down time to the patient.

Acne scarring can be distressing for patients, however safe and effective treatments are possible. The treatment of acne scars is a sub-specialized area of dermatology and involves the knowledge and use of many different procedures and equipment.

A combination of treatments will give the best results. Treatments are tiered according to the skin type, scar type and down time of each patient.

Fractional laser

Using systems such as Fraxel, ProFractional, PEARL, CO2 can give excellent results. Fractional lasers have provided a major break-though in the treatment of acne scars over the past 5 years. As guide, most patients will require 3-5 treatments over 6 months for optimal results.

Subscision and surgery

This method is best suited for deep anchored and indented scars. Subscision breaks scar tissue in the deeper layers of the skin, lifting up the scar over time. We usually combine subscision with laser treatments for superior results.

TCA Cross Chemical peels

Ideally suited for deep ice-pick and box car scars. The aim of this treatment is to raise deep scars over time. We usually finish treatments with full laser resurfacing several months after TCA CROSS.

Vascular laser

Great for red, flat and early acne scars. 3-5 treatments are needed for best results. Treatments are comfortable, and very effective.

Dermal fillers and grafting

Fillers can replace loss volume in the deeper layers of the skin. Ideal for rolling and atrophic acne scars on the face. Fillers are temporary, however last up to 18-24 months.

Full laser resurfacing: Is an excellent method of treating very shallow scars, or enlarged pores. The Clinic has 3 types of full resurfacing lasers, including erbium, erbium modulated and CO2. What type of resurfacing laser we choose will depend on your skin type, scar type and downtime.

The Acne Specialist Clinic at Westside Laser Dermatology consists of a team of specialist doctors and nurses.

Our nurses are specially trained to provide the best advise in regards to skin care, make up and acne management.

Dermatologists are Specialist doctors who only deal with skin disorders such as acne and acne scarring. Our training, coupled with the very latest in acne treatments ensures that all our patients will have results. As Specialists, consultations as well as some scar revision procedures are partially covered by Medicare. Our team of professionals can deal with all types of acne, including adult, teenage, childhood, hormonal, scarring or picking acne. Solutions are always possible.

Chemical Peel and assessment by Specialist Nurse: $98

Consultation and program Specialist Dermatologist: $198*

Prescription tablets and creams: $15- $37. Most under PBS

Acne Free RF Program:  $1,200 for 5 treatments

*Medicare Provides a partial rebate for consultations by Specialist Dermatologists and certain acne scar treatments.

A great starting point is to get your acne reviewed and treated through our Acne Solutions Clinic. $98 gets your assessed, advised, and also a complimentary chemical peel with a Specialist Dermatology Nurse. You do not need a referral to book in to this clinic.

If have seen your GP and tried medical treatment, and you still suffer from acne and or acne scars, seeing a Dermatologist maybe your next step.

A referral is not essential, but encouraged.  Obtaining a referral from your GP will enable you to claim a percentage of the consultation fee from Medicare.

For more information on booking times and the referral process call 07 3871 34 37.