This is an excellent acne solution for patients who would like to take the very first steps for clearer acne free.

The Acne Solutions Clinic is a specialist nurse led clinic that will provide you with expert advice in regards to skin care, make up, acne treatments and scar revision.

As part of this service you will receive a free customised chemical peel which is great for hormonal acne.

This is an excellent acne solution for patients who would like to take the very first steps for clearer, cleaner acne free skin without the wait times to see a Specialist Dermatologist.


  • This clinic provides Specialist acne solutions by expert dermatology nurses
  • You will be given advice in regards to product use, make up and skin care
  • A complimentary and customised chemical peel will be conducted at the end of this assessment
  • The type of chemical peel you will receive will be dependent on your acne type and skin type
  • Our Specialists use either an alpha hydroxy acid peel, or a beta hydroxy acid peel. Concentrations are customised according to your skin type and skin sensitivites
  • $98 gets you assessed, advised, and treated with a chemical peel for your acne
  • The Acne Solutions Clinic also deals with mild cases of acne scarring like scarring caused by hormonal acne.
  • Scar treatments provided include Dermapen Fractional Skin Needling and Ematrix RadioFrequency Treatments


This clinic is suited for patients who would like to undertake acne treatments without prescription medications, or patients who exhibit mild acne. Often a simple change of product, make up and simple chemical peels can reduce annoying breakouts without the need to see a Dermatologist.

The Acne Solutions Clinic give patients rapid access to see an acne specialist nurse who will discuss all aspects of your skin care, make up, and products. Patients will also receive a complimentary skin revitalizing chemical peel.

Assessing your acne and product review takes time. Our nurses will carefully examine your skin and determine the type of acne you have, and discuss any potential triggers or flare factors.

We will advise you on simple, gentle skin care, and will discuss the make up best suited for your skin type. The aim of this Clinic is to teach you correct methods to look after your skin, minimise acne breakouts and point you into the right direction in regards to achieving acne free skin.

As part of the Acne Solutions Clinic assessment we will provide you with a complimentary chemical peel, best suited for your skin and acne type. Chemical peels have little, if any downtime.

This is a Specialist Nurse led clinic for patients who suffer from mild to moderate acne, who often will benefit from advice on correct skin care and products. As part of our initial assessment we provide each patient with a complimentary chemical peel.

The Acne Solutions Clinic also offers the following services without the need to see a Dermatologist-

Chemical peels are a great method to unblock pores and refine your skin with little or no downtime. Ideal for blackheads

Omnilux Blue or Red light phototherapy can temporarily reduce outbreaks. A great non-medical treatment, especially useful in pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Our signature 8 week program for mild acne- combines LED phototherapy with a customised skin peel regime to achieve clearer more radiant skin, great for blackheads and unclogging pores.

Entry-level non laser Fractional Skin Resurfacing for acne scarring can be treated with the very latest Medical Grade DERMAPEN. Treatments start from only $240.

If your acne does not improve, or if you exhibit scarring, you may elect to see a dermatologist for further management. Specialist Dermatologists can tailor a solution based upon your acne, your previous acne treatments and most importantly your lifestyle.

A referral is required to see a Consultant Dermatologist - this can be obtained via a GP, or we can arrange a referral for you. Our nurses and staff will guide you through this process.

Radiofrequency is a safe and effective method of treating mild and early acne scars. Rolling, atrophic, and mixed scars respond best. This is a non-laser method of scar remodelling and works by gently heating and breaking down collagen scars. 4-6 treatments are ideal for best results.

Dermapen Fractional Resurfacing for acne scars

Dermapen resurfacing is a safe, non- laser method of skin resurfacing. It is ideal for rolling and atrophic scars. Skin needling is not as effective as Fractional Laser Resurfacing, however Dermapen treatments start at only $240 per session- a fraction of Fraxel Lasers. Dermapen provides entry level scar remodelling affordable to all patients.

IMPORTANT: If you have moderate to severe acne scarring, our Consultant Dermatologists can utilise a variety of treatments such as TCA Cross, Fraxel Laser, or other treatments to help remove scars. High-end procedures such as laser treatments and TCA Cross are not conducted via the Acne Solutions Clinic, referral to a Consultant will be advisable as some procedures are partially claimable via Medicare. Regardless of the severity of your acne scars, our Specialists will find an effective solution for your acne scars.

The Acne Solutions Clinic is run by Specialist Dermatology nurses, Kristy Macpherson and Emily Hyde. Both Emily and Kristy are Registered Nurses who have undergone a minimum of 2 years nurse speciality training in Dermatology. They are also qualified laser nurses with extensive experience in chemical peels and treatment of acne.


This fee includes -

  • Acne assessment
  • Acne scar assessments, mapping and photography
  • Product review and advice
  • Custom chemical peel (either alpha or beta hydroxy peel)
  • Samples of products we recommend

Each consultation takes 30 minutes to perform - we give you the time needed to assess your condition and discuss in detail treatment plans.

If you decide to undertake acne scar revision (RF or Dermapen treatments) through the Acne Solutions Clinic, the consultation fee is refunded.

*This is not covered under Medicare, as the assessment, advice and treatments are conducted by Specialist Nurses and NOT Dermatologist.
If you have severe acne, persistent acne or scarring acne, a referral to our Dermatologist is ideal.

Call reception on 07 3871 34 37 to discuss appointment times for an Acne Solutions Clinic assessment with either Emily or Kristy. You do not need a referral to enter this clinic.

The appointment is for 30 minutes, please remove your make up before your appointment, and if possible list or bring your current skin care regime.

We are open on Saturday mornings.