This is our specialist approach to acne scar removal and provides the best method of scar revision.

Like facial features, everyone will have a unique pattern of scars- no two acne scar patients are identical. Patients will exhibit a variety of scars, unique to themselves including box car scars, rolling scars, ice-pick scars, atrophic scars, tethered scars, red scars, and raised scars. The Synergy Program for acne scars focuses on a tailored approach to scar treatment. Each scar is mapped, and an ideal treatment is matched based upon scar type, skin colour and down time. The Synergy Program combines chemical peels such as TCA Cross, Fractional lasers, full resurfacing, punch excisions, dermal grafting, dermal fillers, vascular lasers, radiofrequency and subscision to achieve the end goal- best possible improvement on scars.

Facts on the Synergy Approach to acne scars

  • Synergy is a combination of different methods for scar revision
  • What treatments you will require for best results will depend on your scar type, skin type and down time
  • Everyone will have a unique scar pattern, no two scar patterns are similar
  • Synergy Approach breaks the ‘cookbook’ style of acne scar treatments
  • A combination of treatments will synergistically improve acne scars
  • Treatments include the use of TCA Cross chemical peels, Fractional lasers, Full Laser Ablation, surgical methods such as subscision, dermal grafting and dermal fillers
  • The type of treatment you will receive is tailored according to your acne scar type and your skin type


Related before & afters

Case 10 - Atrophic and rolling scars

Diagnosis: Difficult case. Mixed scars, atrophic scars, rolling and anchored scars.
Treatment: Fractional laser combined with subscision and dermal fillers. This program took 4 months to complete. Further improvements can be made with either superficial filler, and or more laser fractional treatments.

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Case 2 - Severe cystic acne

Diagnosis: Severe cystic acne, treated with Isotretinoin and anti-inflammatories for several months. Remaining severe scarring- hypertrophic coupled with mixed scars.
Treatment: Full laser resurfacing with Erbium laser, followed by VBeam. 2 treatments. I used 3 RadioFrequency treatments to finish the program. Program period of 6 months. Maximal downtime of 9 days.

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