Procedures such as subscision and punch excision are performed by Specialists to treat certain forms of acne scarring. Subscision is ideal for deep tethered scars, while punch excision is used for very deep enlarged acne pores and scars.  Surgical techniques are often combined with Fractional Laser and TCA peels as part of the Synergy Program for acne scar revision.

Facts on subscision and surgery for acne scars

  • Subscision and punch excision are surgical methods of acne scar removal
  • Subscision is an excellent method of treating tethered, or puckered acne scars
  • Punch excision is used if acne scars are in the form of deep open pores such as enlarged pores and ice-pick scars
  • We often combine surgical methods with lasers as part of our Synergy Program for acne scars


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Case 2 - Moderate severity box-car scars on type 2 skin

Diagnosis: Moderate severity box-car scars on type 2 skin
Treatment: Laser resurfacing Erbium Laser combined with Fractional erbium at the same time. One treatment. Subscision used on anchored scars on right cheek, all in the same procedure. Only one scar revision procedure performed.

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Case 3 - Moderate to severe mixed acne scars

Diagnosis: Moderate to severe mixed acne scars cheeks of 24 year-old female.
Treatment: Full laser resurfacing coupled with Fractional Laser + Subscision, all in one treatment. 4 treatments of V Beam vascular laser were conducted to reduce redness following full laser resurfacing. Excellent improvement in acne scars. Picture 2 shows recovery 24 hours follow laser resurfacing. Downtime of 8 days.

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