eprime is the very latest treatment for acne scars and volume loss. This treatment is the very best method to treat atrophic, rolling and mixed acne scars. Specialists often combine this as is part of our Synergy Treatment program. This treatment combines very deep skin needling, with RadioFrequency (RF) in the one treatment. Recovery from eprime is within 2-4 days and hence it can be classed as a weekend treatment – done on Friday, back to work on Monday.

Westside Laser Dermatology is the National training center for eprime treatment.

Facts on eprime for acne scars

  • eprime is the most powerful method of non-laser treatment for acne scars
  • eprime uses both deep skin needling and radiofrequency treatment
  • eprime is best for atrophic, rolling, and mixed scars, as well as volume replacement
  • eprime recovery is only 2-4 days
  • most patients will require only one treatment
  • eprime is now part of our Synergy treatment for acne scars
  • eprime stimulates your own collagen to provide volume, and remodel old acne scars


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