Acne scar revision is a specialist procedure based upon balancing optimal results, downtime, and risks for each patient. One of the most important factors in acne scar treatment is matching acne scar treatments with patient skin types (skin colour). This is especially important in ethnic or darker skin patients. Choosing a Specialist who has experience in dealing with all skin types is essential for both outcome and safety.

Facts on acne scar treatments based on skin colour

  • Optimal acne scar treatments are based on scar type, skin type and downtime of a patient
  • Skin colour plays a vital role in regards to what treatments we can safely use to treat patients
  • Darker skin types can be safely treated with TCA Cross, Fractional lasers and RadioFrequency treatments
  • Lighter skin types can be treated with relative safety using all acne scar treatments
  • The darker your skin, the more complex the procedure
  • Finding a specialist who is experienced in treating all skin types is important for both outcome and safety


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